After 11 years in Corporate IT, I've thrown my Computer Science degree out the window to live my retirement dream 30 years early.

This idea was born out of need for a creative outlet that was not being met in the mundane life of corporate America. After a decade-long stint as an Oracle Database Administrator (aka Big 'Ol Nerd), Simon and I decided it was time for me to pursue this passion, and unleash my creativity on the world! Or Denver, in this case. :)

With some encouragement, support, and much instigation from my husband Simon, we began planning the perfect shop. With the creative epicenter of Denver being the Santa Fe Arts District, that seemed like the most logical place to start! Couple that with a life-long obsession with Ikea, my addiction to blog-stalking fabric designers, and my new-found love of hoarding yarn, we were well on our way to creating what is now the modern, fresh, inspiring space we called Fabric Bliss.

After opening the doors on March 15th, 2011, Simon and I now run Fabric Bliss together, although he has stayed behind in Corporate IT to collect a steady paycheck (and benefits, of course). He voluntarily moonlights as The Fabric Cutting Ninja on his weekends so that I can teach classes, and be the inspiration to many others also craving a crafty outlet.

Our customers are wonderful; insightful; helpful; encouraging; generous; inspiring. Seeing those who share the same affection for craft that I have is my motivation to continue to build a place where people can gather and infect each other with creativity. That they choose to hang out in the space we created out of our own passions gives us both great bliss!!

-Aurora & Simon Sisneros