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There’s a long story behind this.  And, yup – I’m gonna tell it.

I got my wallet stolen last year on Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas to me! Now, my bank is rad, and it all turned out OK, but I searched and searched and searched for a wallet to replace my fabulous Fossil one that I had for ages.

Insert sobbing here.

So, since I couldn’t find one I loved, I decided to make one. But couldn’t find a pattern I liked.  MORE sobbing. So I made one up, and here she blows:

Id’n’it cute?! And, looks adorable in bunches of different fabrics, too:

I have beat the crap out of the one pictured since December, and it barely even looks used, right?! Oilcloth holds up so great!

So, you can either take the Oilcloth Wallet Class if you need to learn how to sew with this stuff, OR, you can buy the Oilcloth Wallet Pattern available for download (via email, until I figure the techie-geek part out on the shopping cart) for $5.99.

Everyone I know is getting one of these for Christmas. Woo!