auroraatfabricblisssmallHow We Began

After 14 years in Corporate IT, I’ve learned that the STRESS we feel from our everyday, mundane jobs needs a creative outlet OR ELSE!!

There is a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you make something with your own two hands. It is calming, cathartic, therapeutic, and incredibly fun! Very few things in life help you to live in the moment like handwork does. Being corporate professionals for over half our lives, my husband Simon and I realized that this fills a need that most people are missing in their lives. So, our mission began!

The Next Step

As a long time knitter, crocheter, and sewist, I created our curriculum with some of my most favorite projects. Couple that with a life-long obsession with Ikea, my addiction to blog-stalking fabric designers, and my love of hoarding yarn, we opened our doors on March 15th, 2011, and are happy to bring you the modern, fresh, inspiring space we called Fabric Bliss.

Our customers are wonderful; insightful; helpful; encouraging; generous; inspiring. Seeing those who share the same affection for craft that I have is my motivation to continue to build a place where people can gather and infect each other with creativity. Adding in a FABULOUS staff of 14 has only expounded on the creativity we are HAPPY to bring to you. Teaching you “the way” and encouraging your creativity gives ALL of us great BLISS!

-Aurora, Simon, and the Fabric Bliss Staff