Indie Dyer Spotlight

Retold Yarns

Indie Dyer Spotlight Retold Yarns

We are THRILLED to announce the opening of Indie Dyer Spotlight, our new trunk show program! Each month starting on the 15th, a BRAND NEW DYER will have yarn on the shelves at Fabric Bliss for you to squish and love and take home with you! Their beloved yarn will be on the shelves until the last day of the month.

Our very first Indie Dyer Spotlight guest is Retold Yarns! Based right here in Denver, CO, Megan Brown of Retold Yarns touts MARVELOUS yarn on her Etsy page, and boy do we agree! Megan has been knitting-addicted for over a decade, and fell in love with dying yarn and roving, which we also PROMPTLY fell in love with!

Visit the shop July 15th through the 31st to learn more about (and fall in love with) Retold Yarns!